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Put your body in fat burning mode in just minutes with our NEW Keto Styx, scientifically formulated to stimulate Ketosis. Our great tasting orange creamsicle-flavored Styx provides long-lasting energy, mental clarity, and limits hunger, all without the sugar crash.


Exogenous Ketone FAQs


Q: What are ketones?


A: Normally, the body will use glucose or sugar for fuel. In the absence of sugar, the body begins burning fat by converting fatty acids into ketones in the liver. Your body can then use these ketones for fuel.


Q: What are exogenous ketones?


A: Exogenous ketones are the same type of ketones that our body produces, just delivered in supplement form. In supplement form, these ketones will be bound to a mineral, either potassium, magnesium, sodium, or calcium. Your liver will breakdown the supplement down to for ketones and the mineral, which can have multiple benefits


Q: What are the benefits of exogenous ketones?


  1. Increased energy: your brain and muscles will selectively use ketones for fuel, giving you energy before workouts or when you hop out of bed in the morning
  2. Increased mental clarity, alertness, and mood. Your brain will preferentially use ketones for fuel putting you in an energized clearheaded place.  
  3. Less hunger. Ketones suppress the hormones that make you want to EAT!
  4. Get you through the “keto flu” or the first few weeks of a low-carb ketogenic diet by instantly giving you ketones for fuel, something that may take your body weeks to do.
  5. Increase your body’s ability to burn fat for a fuel source even when you are not taking exogenous ketones.
  6. Minerals bound to ketone bodies can be beneficial such as magnesium or potassium to maintain proper hydration during a low-carb diet.


For more information, email us at care@smartstyx.com